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Most walks on this website are available as GPX files that can be imported to devices such as the “Satmap” device. If a GPX file is not shown on the website, then it is almost certainly because one is not available for that particular walk.

To access the GPX file for a specific walk, first click on the link “Click here to view a map for this walk in a new window” above the little thumbnail pictures for the walk.

In the window that opens you will see a link “Click here see this walk as a GPS plot on an OS Landranger Map” if a GPX plot is available for that walk.

On the OS map you will see a further link “GPX Data”. Clicking this displays the GPX file, which can then be saved as a file on your computer and subsequently transferred to your mobile device.

Help for how to load and use the file on your device can not be offered, as many different devices exist and they all work in different ways. Please refer to the instructions for your device.

As with all the maps on this website we make no guaranties to the accuracy of any walk or associated GPX file. They are for guidance only, and you should ensure that proper precautions are taken to ensure your safety when walking.

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