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  1. Hello Christopher,

    I don’t know whether you a cinema-goer or not, but, if you are, look out for the new Great Expectations film. Many of the marsh scenes are set on the Faversham Walk On The Wild Side route that is part of the routes ‘pack’ on the faversham.org website that I recall you liked.

    Joe Gargery’s forge is actually a discussed coastguard lookout station directly on the route; it was gussied up to look like a ramshackle Victorian house/workshop.

    My wife and I saw the film over the weekend and, as well as being a great version of the classic story, it certainly presents the local marshland in a gorgeous way.

    All the best

    Laurence Young
    Faversham Enterprise Partnership

  2. Thanks, Laurence – that is a very strange and atmospheric piece of marshland, very ‘Dickens’ altogether. Do you know the Ferry House Inn on the Isle of Sheppey? – You can see it just across the Swale Channel from the sea wall on this walk. A great place, packed with character. I stayed there a few years ago, the only guest in mid-winter, and found it EXTREMELY haunting and hair-raising!

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