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  2 Responses to “Fences on the Moors”

  1. Dear Christopher,

    Fencing has been installed on Kinder and other Peak District moorlands to prevent overgrazing by sheep and the project is “Moors for the future”.

    As a walker in the area for at least 25 years I find the enormous quantity of wire fencing depressing. This is the main problem as it is permanent.

    Almost no serious attempt a public consultation – fencing sprung upon us. Contrast with alacrity/ease with which “Fire danger” notices are posted.
    Public essentially in the dark.

    Almost continuous helicopter traffic over past 4 years or so.

    Summit plateau covered with plastic corrugated water traps, white builders merchant type sacks etc for many years.

    I happened to see the project in a magazine with 2 days before deadline for comments.

    Fencing project already cast in stone – only the line of the fencing nominally up for discussion.

    Much similar new fencing placed over Bleaklow Moor etc over past 5 years; similar comments apply.

    No response from Peak website and comment form length-limited to 455 letters.

    I have photos if required.


    • Dear Stephen,

      I agree that the fences are ugly brutes, and the project’s use of helicopters is a thundering nuisance. But I’ve had a look at the ‘Moors for the Future’ website (www.moorsforthefuture.org.uk), and it does seem to go out of its way to explain what’s going on and why, as well as stressing that these fences are not permanent, and will be removed once the project is complete.

      So it looks as though it is a case of the means justifying the end, upsetting and long-drawn-out though the means certainly are.

      With good wishes,


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