Mar 222013
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  2 Responses to “The Golden Step”

  1. Hi Christopher, I am in the process of reading The Golden Step and am SO enjoying it. I know George Afordakos and many of the places you talk about and I just wanted to say how much pleasure your book is giving me. Many thanks, Julia

    • Dear Julia,

      What a lovely email to get – thank you so much! I’m very glad that The Golden Step rings true for you, who obviously have a deep knowledge of and love for the island.

      Please give George a big kiss from me when you see him next, and also Manolis and Rula, and Argyro and Manolis Tzanakis – sit under their lemon tree for me! And a chink of the raki glass for Iannis Siganos. It’s so nice just to type those names!

      With good wishes,


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