Mar 302021

Introducing … the Armchair Walker

Damn, it’s back to lockdown! Or at least to Tiers of Frustration. Please, if you are going to do one of my walks, observe the social distancing and countryside code advice – Please also park thoughtfully. There are a lot more of us walking in the countryside for recreation and relief at present, and the pressure has increased on local residents and their cherished footpaths.

Lots of you have said you like the Armchair Walkers I’ve been posting during the Covid-19 outbreak. So I’ll keep them coming on this page, for anyone who can’t get out and about on foot. No maps or detailed directions – just an invitation to sit back with a cup of tea or a glass of something nice, and savour some moments, memories and plans for the future!

Grease the Boots! Stay Frosty!

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