The January Man

The January Man

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This is the book towards which my whole writing life has been heading.

“Christopher Somerville’s moving, measured and immaculate The January Man is part walker’s diary, part celebration of his reticent yet loving father.”
(Jim Crace, author of Quarantine and Harvest)

“For a writer, the highest compliment he or she can pay another writer is envy. And I was green on reading The January Man. It’s not just Somerville’s knowledge, it’s the truth and clarity in his prose – which is like the pure tone that comes from a tuning fork.”
(John Lewis-Stempel, author of Meadowland and The Running Hare)

“It is a wise, entertaining, kind book – one that makes you want to walk, and want to read. The language is taut, beautiful, sparky and generous. It’s a book not just for walkers or nature lovers, but anyone who loves a good plain story.” (Rachel Joyce, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry)

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